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Last updated: January 22, 2018

Some of the many suppliers that provide useful in vitro testing supplies, cells lines, and other biological reagents.

In Vitro Test Kits

3DBiomatrix: Perfecta3D™ Hanging Drop Plate – 96- and 384-well, high-throughput format, 3D cell culture plates for life sciences research and drug discovery/testing applications that simplifies and streamlines spheroid formation and testing

ADMEcell: in vitro assay kits for drug discovery include: CacoReady Kit (Caco-2 for in vitro assessment of intestinal permeability) and MDR-1 and BCRP Kits (cell-based assays for evaluation of drug interactions with the P-gp/MDR1 transporter)

Advanced CellSystems: CellSystems® 3D skin models: EST-1000 and AST-2000

Aniara: cellular toxicology screening products: Xenometrix test systems for mutagenicity; cytotoxicity high throughput screening test kits utilizing various endpoints

APSciences: Integrated Multiple Organ Culture (idMOC), a test platform using primary human, rat, or mouse cells from multiple organs which are physically discrete but interconnected by a common medium for studying drug efficacy, metabolism, toxicity

CCS Cell Culture Service: Princess® Instant Assays provides frozen cells in multiwell plates ready for cytotoxicity, proliferation, and inflammation assays

Cellix Ltd.: microfluidics systems capable of mimicking microcapillaries with blood flow in a robust, in vitro format; the continuous flow cell-based assays enable in vitro studies on cell adhesion, migration, and transmigration, thereby reducing the number of intravital microscopy studies; different biochips, pumping solutions, and software are available

CellSystems Biotechnologie Vertrieb GmbH: cell biology products including human primary cells, 3D skin cell systems, and cell models for angiogenesis, blood-brain-barrier and inhalation toxicology

Corning Life Sciences: GentestTM products for ADMET assays includes tissue fractions, P450/UGT enzymes, Supersomes™, and drug transporters; products for metabolism studies include: recombinant drug metabolizing enzymes, human- and animal-derived hepatocytes and tissue fractions, antibodies, chemical substrates, metabolites, and inhibitors

DiscoverX Corporation: complete cell-based assay kits for drug discovery, toxicity, and life sciences research

EMD-Millipore Corporation: high content analysis kits for detecting neurotoxicity and neurite outgrowth in cells; multiplex kidney toxicity panels; Guava cell toxicity assay; MilliTrace stem cell kits; PyroDetect System, a Monocyte-Activation Test using cryo-preserved human whole blood and interleukin-1ß detection

Epithelix: in vitro 2D and 3D models of primary human cells: airway epithelium of different origin, keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts

Gentaur Molecular Products: Vitotox™, a high throughput bacterial genotoxicity assay to detect DNA damage caused by genotoxic compounds

Gentronix: GreenScreen HC human cell-based genotoxicity screening assay; GreenScreen GC eukaryotic genotoxicity and cytotoxicity assay; BlueScreen HC luminescent assay

INDIGO Biosciences, Inc.: CRO and product supplier specializing in nuclear receptor assays for drug discovery and toxicology screening; products include ready-to-use Nuclear Receptor kits and fluorescence-based Live Cell Multiplex (LCM) assay to quantify relative number of live cells in treated wells (stand-alone assay or coupled with NR assay)

In Vitro International: acellular in vitro tests: Corrositex dermal corrosion testing assay; Irritection Assay System for ocular and dermal irritation

J-TEC (Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.): LabCyte cultured human tissues, including the LabCyte EPI-MODEL cultured human epidermis for skin irritation/corrosion/metabolism/percutaneous penetration testing

Lena Biosciences: SeedEZ 3D cell culture drug screening system provides consistent 3D cell culture, co-culture and multilayered tissue models with immune and inflammatory components for ADME Tox, biopharmaceutical (monoclonal antibody) testing, repeat drug dose efficacy and long term incubation/clearance studies

MatTek Corporation: human cell-based 3D tissue models and assays for toxicology and product development testing for cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries; tissue models include skin, ocular, respiratory (tracheal/bronchial; alveolar), small intestine, vaginal, and oral epithelial, as well as human dendritic cells and T-cells; some models validated and accepted by regulatory authorities (OECD, EPA, ICH, EU Guidelines)

MD Biosciences: cell based assays such as ImmuneProfiler™ for screening of anti-inflammatory properties of substances

Medicyte Gmbh: upcyte® Hepatocyte, in vitro MN Genotox Kit, and upcyte® Hepatocyte Cytotox Kit: upcyte® Hepatocytes proliferate and express Phase I and II like primary hepatocytes, therefore optimized for MN Genotox and Cytotox Assays; upcyte® Hepatocyte can be cultured in 2D or 3D, and monocultured or co-cultured with upcyte® HDMECs or primary vericyte® HDMECs

Molecular Toxicology, Inc.: genotoxicity and mutagenicity assay kits, including Moltox FT genetox assay kits (Salmonella and E. coli mutation assays); SOS/UMU kits; Ames Assay Kit

NCIMB Ltd: MARA Toxicity Test Kit, a microbial array for chemical and nanoparticle toxicity testing for ecotoxicology; extensive microbial culture collection is being used to develop new toxicity arrays

Neuromics: primary and stem cell-based assay kits

New-Diagnostics: in vitro test kits for the detection of hormonally-active substances in aqueous samples

Novus Biologicals: wide range of reagents, test kits, and supplies

R&D Systems: tools for cell biology research, including ELISA assays and microplate-based antibody array for multi-protein detection

Seahorse Bioscience: XF Extracellular Flu Analyzer measures effects on cell metabolism; determines basal oxygen consumption, glycolysis rates, ATP turnover, and respiratory capacity in single experiment

Sistemic: kit-based products include: SistemQC™ to characterise cells, including stem cells (cell identity, purity, potency, and safety); SistemTOX™; , SistemKB™; SistemRNA™

SkinEthic Laboratories: human epidermal and epithelial models for in vitro test applications for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer product industry; some models, like Episkin, are validated

Stratatech Corp.: StrataTest® human skin model composed of both an epidermis and a dermis (full thickness) for in vitro testing applications

StratiCELL: in vitro 3D skin models

Xenometrix AG: in vitro test kits include: Ames II / Ames MPF Microfluctuation Assays; Xenometrix Cytotoxicity Screening Kits – determine up to four cytotoxicity parameters from same sample; Ames MPF 98/100 AQUA – a novel mutagenicity test kit for testing water quality

XenoTech, LLC: products for in vitro drug metabolism-related research: microsomes, cryopreserved hepatocytes from human and other species, CYP antibodies directed against CYP enzymes, and more

Cells & Tissues

American Type Culture Collection (ATCC): supplies many types of cells lines and bioproducts

AMS Biotechnology: products for stem cell research, including embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, and reagents to create iPS cells

Asterand, plc.: provides human biomaterials for drug testing (human primary cells & cell lines, RNA, tissue microarrays, frozen & fixed human tissues)

ATCC-LCG Promochem Partnership: facilitates distribution of ATCC cultures and bioproducts to life science researchers in Europe

AvantiCell Science, Ltd. (Ayr, Scotland): bovine and goat primary mammary epithelial cells

BioE, Inc.: Multi-Lineage Progenitor Cell™, a human umbilical cord blood-derived, clonal, multipotent stem cell line; unique cell reagents

Biopredic International: human and animal reagents (tissues, primary cells, cell lines, blood products, fluids); recognized worldwide for expertise in liver products (tissues, primary cells), including the HepaRG® cell line (http://www.heparg.com/), and Silensomes™ human pooled liver microsomes irreversibly inactivated for one specific CYP

CELLnTEC Advanced Cell Systems AG: novel culture media, primary and long-term epithelial cells (human and rodent), and methods/protocols necessary for establishment of 2D and 3D cultures for creation of specific cellular micro-environments; human primary cells currently available: epidermal keratinocytes, dermal fibroblasts, and corneal, gingival, and bladder epithelial cells

Cellular Dynamics International: iCell™ Cardiomyocytes and iCell™ Neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells for drug discovery and toxicity testing

CellzDirect: hepatocyte cells and cell products

CIRM Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Repository: human pluripotent stem cell bank; 1211 validated cell lines available to researchers worldwide (as of March 2017)

EMD-Millipore Corporation: various cell lines and media including human corneal epithelial cells; stem cell lines and kits that express green fluorescent protein (GFP) under the control of various embryonic and neural stem cell markers

ESI BIO: ESI human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines derived under cGMP conditions; PureStem® progenitor cells clonally derived from human embryonic stem cell lines

European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC)

Evercyte GmbH: start-up focused on establishing human cell cultures for state-of-the-art toxicity studies; offers hTERT immortalized cell lines from various tissues that are characterized by expression of cell-type specific markers and functions and thus are balanced in growth and differentiation.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences: stem cell-derived tools for toxicology

German Collection of Micro-Organisms and Cell Cultures

Health Protection Agency Culture Collections

ICELLTIS: human primary cells for in vitro testing

InSphero AG: provides scaffold-free 3-dimensional microtissues in ready-to-use 96-well microwell formats for biomedical, pharmaceutical, and toxicity testing applications; tumor, rat liver, and custom-made microtissues are available

International Stem Cell Registry: 1584 stem cell line records that include name, provider, availability, characterization, and publications

InvivoSciences, Inc.: products for drug discovery using 3D engineered tissues, including the Palpator™ High Throughput Device, the Mini-Construct Chamber™, and 3D Cell Culture Inserts

JCRB Cell Bank, Japan: Human and animal cell lines for research

Life Technologies™ Cell Lines Database

Lonza Group Ltd: primary human and animal cells with customized media systems, Clonetics® and Poietics® Cell Systems

MatTek Corporation: human cell-based 3D tissue models and assays for toxicology and product development testing for cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries; tissue models include skin, ocular, respiratory (tracheal/bronchial; alveolar), small intestine, vaginal, and oral epithelial, as well as human dendritic cells and T-cells; some models validated and accepted by regulatory authorities (OECD, EPA, ICH, EU Guidelines)

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF): supplies pieces of human bone, skin, and other tissues, and FlexHD, an acellular dermal matrix, primarily for surgery

National Cancer Institute (NCI): tissue, cell lines, databases, arrays, etc. primarily for cancer research

National Cell Culture Centre (NCCC): division of Biovest International; provides customized, large scale cell culture services

National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI): not-for-profit corporation primarily funded by the NIH and dedicated to providing researchers with human cells, tissues, and organs for research purposes

National Human Neural Stem Cell Bank: provides neural stem cells harvested from the post-natal, post-mortem, human and animal brain to the research community for stem cell research; sponsored by the Children’s Hospital of Orange County

National Stem Cell Bank (NSCB) at WiCell: established to acquire, characterize and distribute the 21 human embryonic stem cell lines and their sub-clones to federally funded research programs; they currently have 13 of the 21 cell lines in the federal registry

Neuromics: cells including neuronal and stem cells, cell-based assay kits

Neuro-Zone srl: primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines

NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry: lists the derivations of stem cells that are eligible for federal funding and provides contact information for acquiring the cell lines

Precision Bioservices: AccuCell® cryopreserved Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells and Cord Blood Mononuclear Cells; highly purified subsets such as Monocytes, T-cells, and B-cells; custom processing and characterization studies from normal and disease state donors

PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH: fresh and cryopreserved human and animal hepatocytes; dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes; related cell growth media and products, including HEPAC2 serum-free human hepatocyte culture system

ProBioGen: specializes in mammalian cell engineering and cell culture: design of custom immortalized cell lines for vaccine and protein production, or for other customer needs

PromoCell GmbH: human cells, media, cell biology products, andchemically-defined and xeno-free culture system for human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC)

Puracyp: human hepatic microsomes and reagents for drug metabolism studies

ReachBio, LLC: primary human cell products include various types of peripheral blood, bone marrow, and cord cells; ColonyGEL™ methylcellulose-based media for colony-forming cell (CFC) assays

ReproCELL, Inc.: iPSC human cell lines (neurons, cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes), feeder cells, and reagents for the cultivation and preservation of stem cells

Riken BioResource Center, Cell Search System

RoosterBio: Human bone marrow and adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs); hMSC High Productivity Media Kits, and hMSC Working Cell Banks

SciKon Innovation, Inc.: human matrix cell culture surface; human stellates; human hepatocyte cryopreserved cells

Sigma Life Science: range of quality cell lines, including genetically modified cell lines that model different types of cancer

TCS Cellworks, Ltd.: human cell-based research products and cells

tebu-bio laboratories: various cryopreserved primary cells; cell biology services such as cell amplification, differentiation, transfection, mycoplasma testing, establishes cellular models overexpressing or silencing a protein of interest

Tissue Solutions, Ltd.: freshly isolated human cells and cell lines; fresh human tissues including skin; human biofluids and blood; banked human diseased and normal samples

Trevigen, Inc.: knockdown cell lines deficient in a DNA repair gene mRNA transcript that can be used to identify gene responsible for DNA repair mechanism

UK Human Tissue Bank: not-for-profit organization that provides human tissues for biomedical research

UK Stem Cell Bank

Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (dba Vitro Biopharma): “Tools for Stem Cell and Drug Development™,” a series of products including human stem cell lines, cell line derivatives, and medical devices for mesenchymal stem cell research, development of induced pluripotent stem cells, and stem cell therapy for cancer

Vitro Biopharma, Inc: characterized cell lines and culture media, including a variety of labelled human mesenchymal stem cell lines and their derivatives, chondrocytes, osteoblasts, and several primary human cell lines

Zen Bio: human adult stem cells, preadipocytes, adipocytes, primary human hepatocytes; specialized media

Media & Cell Reagents

AMS Biotechnology: products for stem cell research, including optimized growth medium and supplements, extracellular matrices, and feeder cells

BRTI Life Sciences: Cell-Mate3D™ is a tissue-like and chemically defined 3D cell culture matrix that creates more biologically relevant and complex 3D tissue organoids; ideal for stem cells, cancer cells, fibroblasts, hepatocytes, and co-cultures

CELLINK: universal bioink optimized for 3D Bioprinting of human tissue; CELLMIXER to mix cells with bioink; STARTINK-Kit, 3D Bioprinting kit includes CELLINK, CELLMIXER, Binding Agent, and empty cartridges; INKREDIBLE desktop bioprinter (http://www.cellink3d.com/)

Clontech Laboratories, Inc.: kits and reagents for gene discovery, regulation, and function; cell culture reagents; stem cell research; human stem cells

Corning Life Sciences: cell culture media, reagents, and labware include Corning®, Costar®, Falcon®, Matrigel®, and cellgro® brands

Cell Preservation Solutions, LLC: develops novel solutions for preserving cells and tissues, and their storage and transportation (including stem cells); develops optimized mediums; provides DMSO-free cryopreservation solutions, and animal protein-free and serum-free media

CellSystems Biotechnologie Vertrieb GmbH: cell biology products including human primary cells and optimised cell culture media

EMD-Millipore Corporation: research and cell culture supplies & reagents, including stem cell media and reagents and HEScGRO animal component-free medium for culturing human embryonic stem cells in their undifferentiated state

ESI BIO: stem cell reagents include BioLite antibodies for characterization of ES and iPS cells and HyStem Hydrogels for cellular matrices

 FCS (fetal calf serum)-free Database: access the range of commercially available serum-free media for cell-culture, as well as medium compositions; supported by 3Rs-Centre ULS in collaboration with Animal Free Research U

FiberCell Systems, Inc.: hollow fiber cell culture systems for in vitrotoxicology studies of drug bio-availability

ICELLTIS: 96-well plates and other biomaterials for 3D culture and high content screening

Innovative Chemistry, Inc.: AuthentiKit™ System for cell culture quality control

Invitrogen: Gibco® Cell Culture Systems includes serum-free and specialty cell culture media and reagents’ 3D cell culture products; stem cell reagents and protocols

InvivoSciences, Inc.: products for drug discovery using 3D engineered tissues, including the Palpator™ High Throughput Device, the Mini-Construct Chamber™, and 3D Cell Culture Inserts

KIYATEC, Inc.: 3DKUBE™ 3D Cell Culture Plasticware: culture chambers with flow and scaffold options

Life Technologies™ Corporation

Mirus Bio, LLC: cell transfection and electroporation reagents; new 3D Transfection System combines Reinnervate’s alvetex® 3D Cell Culture Plates and Mirus Bio’s TransIT®-3D Transfection Reagent

Neuromics: media and reagents for primary and stem cells

Novus Biologicals: wide range of reagents, test kits, and supplies

PromoCell GmbH: human cells, media, and cell biology products

R&D Systems: stem cell and cell culture products

ReachBio, LLC: primary human cell products and cells; ColonyGEL™ methylcellulose-based media for colony-forming cell (CFC) assays

Reinnervate Limited: innovative new cell culture technologies including: Alvetex® – an inert polystyrene scaffold for cells to grow and form complex 3D cell structures in the laboratory, and synthetic small molecules that mediate cell differentiation in vitro – the first of these is ec23™, a synthetic retinoid that induces neurogenesis

SEFREC: database for serum-free cell culture (cells & media)

Sigma-Aldrich Media Expert®: comprehensive source of information on cell culture media components and formulation, including primary functions for each component in cell culture applications

StemCell Technologies, Inc.: provides specialized media and cell separation products and contract services

Stemgent, Inc.: stem cell qualified reagents and tools, including cell lines, media, transfection reagents, and more

Trevigen, Inc.: kits for 3-D cell culture standardized for assessing effects on genetic alteration or cell proliferation in 3-D cultures; high-throughput 96-well format

Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (dba Vitro Biopharma): “Tools for Stem Cell and Drug Development™,” a series of products including specialized stem cell media

Worthington Biochemical Corporation: Hepatocyte Isolation System provides preoptimized combination of enzymes, buffers, and culture media to minimize lot-to-lot variation and improve quality of isolated hepatocytes; Animal Origin Free (AOF) enzymes for biopharma & vaccine production applications

ZET Serum Free Cell Culture Media – Updated Product Guide 1/2004-05: provides sources for obtaining animal-free cell culture media and reagents

Other Lab Supplies & Equipment

AbD Serotec: research and diagnostic antibodies

Affymetrix: DNA chips and microarrays

Applied Biosystems: instruments, consumables, software, and services for analyzing nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), small molecules, and proteins

Axoin Biosystems: single-well Muse and multiwell Maestro multielectrode array (MEA) systems provide a unified and scalable platform for experiments ranging from basic cellular electrophysiology to high-throughput screening for cardiotoxicity and neurotoxicity testing

BD Biosciences: products for research include antibodies, and reagents for western blotting, immunofluorescence, ELISA; instrumentation and reagents for flow cytometry

Beckman Coulter, Inc.: cellular automation systems to automate cellular assays

Bellbrook Labs: Transcreener™ Assay Platform, a HTS platform using proprietary fluorescent detection for screening families of enzymes at one time; uses microfluidics to bring cellular models into a fully automated high throughput environment

BioAssay Systems: biochemical and cell-based assays for both routine laboratory testing and high-throughput drug discovery: oxidative stress, cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, enzyme assays, reporter gene assays

Biocompare: large array of life science products and information

Bionas GmbH: Bionas® cell-based analyzing systems for continuous determination of cell physiology

Biontex Laboratories: mammalian cell transfection reagents

BioTek Instruments, Inc.: automation tools for ADME/Tox processes; validated microplate ADME/Tox applications include: drug permeability assessment; passive and active drug transport studies; biochemical metabolic enzyme inhibition profiling; multiplexed cell-based CYP450 induction and inhibition profiling; and cytotoxicity profiling

Cayman Chemical: biomedical research products including a variety of assay kits

Cell Sciences: immunochemicals for life science research, including cytokines, ELISA and ELISPOT kits, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and matched antibody pairs for do-it-yourself assays

Cell Signaling Technology: reagents and assays for studying cell signaling pathways

CellASIC: microfluidic platforms for cell and tissue based applications; innovative approach enables cells to be maintained in a more biologically relevant condition

Cellectricon: microfluidic biochips as miniaturized cell-based screening devices: Cellaxess™ electroporation technology for transfection of tissue explants and adherent cells; Dynaflow™ System for ion channel drug discovery

Cellomics, Inc.: proprietary platforms for cell-based assays

Cell Technology, Inc.: reagents and assay kits for cell-based assays

Cellular Research, Inc.: Molecular Indexing™ technology provides fast, simple, and absolute quantitation of mRNA targets in single cells and small samples while eliminating sampling error, amplification bias, and external controls; same sample can be repeatedly analyzed and compared across platforms

Chromocyte: online resource for the design of multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments, and for identifying reagent sources for flow cytometry and other antibody-related techniques

CorSolutions, LLC: microfluidic equipment such as pumps, probe stations, and flow meters

CYTOO SA: micropattern-based products for cell-based assays: CYTOO chip™; CYTOO plate™; CYTOO chamber™ for live cell imaging

Detroit R&D: development and manufacture of ELISA, antibodies, and assay kits for research, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer

EcoArray, Inc.: microarrays for ecotoxicity and endocrine disruptor testing: fathead minnow oligonucleotide arrays; reagents & solutions; use of EcoArray database for data interpretation, and discounts for participation in data sharing program to build capacity of predictive company database

Epigentek: tools and kits for epigenetic research

Exiqon: mRNA and microRNA research reagents and resources; bioinformatics tools ands services for probe design

FiberCell Systems, Inc.: hollow fiber cartridge systems for in vitro toxicology testing: used to model pharmacologic bio-availability and to culture epithelial cells

Fluidigm Corporation: proprietary microfluidic systems consisting of instruments and consumables (chips, assays, other reagents) for life science applications such as single-cell genomics, gene expression, and SNP genotyping

Fluxion Biosciences: BioFlux System for live cell analysis under shear flow for cell biology applications from high content analysis to pharmacological screening in a high throughput and low volume well-plate format

GE Healthcare: In Cell Analyzer for high content analysis (HCA)

Harvard Apparatus: tissue slice chamber systems, isolated organ perfusion systems, and cell culture equipment; catalog of products for regenerative medicine research

Hudson Robotics, Inc.: laboratory automation and robotics equipment

IV Tech Srl: in vitro technology start-up offering LiveBox perfused culture systems with single or double flow inlets and outlet, as well as custom consulting services

Kitmondo, Ltd.: online marketplace for used lab and medical equipment

LabX.com: a media service for the exchange of scientific equipment, where buyers and sellers of new, used, surplus, and refurbished scientific and laboratory equipment can find items, negotiate terms, and complete transactions online

Lonza: cell viability and toxicology assays

Luminex Corporation: xMAP® technology bioassay platform; multiplexing (multiple unique assays) within a single sample

Miltenyi Biotec: products for cell biology, immunology, regenerative medicine, and molecular biology

Multi Channel Systems GmbH (Reutlingen, Germany): high-performance measuring instruments and equipment in the field of electrophysiology, including in vitro microelectrode array systems

National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC): provides International Biological Standards and other biological reference materials that are independently certified to the international quality standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000

Olympus Corporation: professional opto-digital products from microscopes for training and routine tasks to high-end system solutions in the fields of life science

Optometrics Corporation: SPF-290S ANALYZER SYSTEM, an UV spectrophotometer optimized for in vitro SPF assays for sunscreens, cosmetic products, and fabrics; compliant with FDA 21 CFR

OriGene Technologies: tissue qPCR arrays; transfections arrays; transfection reagents

Oxford Biomedical Research: biochemical assay kits, antibodies, cDNA probes, etc.

Perceptive Instruments, Ltd: image analysis and data processing software and instrumentation for research and testing including genetic toxicology (including Ames, MLA, and Comet Assay) and immunology assays

PerkinElmer, Inc.: cell-based assay reagents and cellular pathway mapping kits

ProBioGen: development of custom cell lines; in vitro production of monoclonal antibodies & adaptation to serum-free media

Promega: bioluminescent cytochrome P450 assays; cellular and genomic assay reagents & kits; protocols; online tools

Qiagen: gene- and pathway-specific solutions for qPCR, mRNA, lncRNA, miRNA gene expression analysis, next-generation sequencing, microbial detection, RNAi, genotyping, epigenetics, and functional analysis

R & D Systems: supplier of biological and research products, including antibodies and ELISA kits

SBH Sciences: cytokines and antibodies for cell-based assays; also provides bioassay testing services

Shelf Scientific: Lazar micro probes to measure ions (Na, Cl, K), pH, pO2, and pCO2; nitric oxide measurement system; ArrowDox™ Micro Oxidation-Reduction Measurement System for samples as small as 5 microliters with micro electrode that fits directly into 96-well plates or microcentrifuge tubes

Sigma Aldrich: antibodies, media, chemicals, other research reagents

tebu-bio laboratories: reagents for cell biology, drug discovery, in vitro ADME-Tox; laboratory services

Thermo Scientific: life science products include high content cell screening and cell imaging tools, and the Cellomics ToxInsight In Vitro Toxicity Platform for multiplexed assessment of toxicity targets in cells

Trevigen, Inc.: products for research: DNA damage, apoptosis, molecular biology, cell differentiation, angiogenesis

VitroCell Systems: VitroCell for in vitro culture and exposure to gases or complex mixtures

Zymo Research Corporation: epigenetics research reagents; other lab supplies and reagents


ADMET Predictor™: computer software for advanced predictive modeling of ADME/Tox properties from molecular structures; builds predictive models of new properties from user’s data

Aniara CelTox Software: for cytotoxicity analysis

Ariadne Genomics: Pathway Studio software for pathway and molecular interaction analysis

ArrayTrack: utilized by US FDA for review of genomic data submissions; integrated solution for managing, analyzing, and interpreting microarray gene expression data; provides statistical and visualization tools, and functional information about genes, proteins, and pathways for biological interpretation

Biocompare: pathway analysis and genomic sequence analysis software

Biographics Laboratory 3R (Biograf 3R) (Basel, Switzerland): software products for computational methods to replace animal testing

BIOVA: QSAR Workbench (formerly Accelrys), Electronic Lab Notebook, and other IT solutions for life sciences

BIOZ: search engine for life sciences experimentation; platform incorporates semantic analysis engine and relevancy ranking of results, research-relevant correlations, reagent ratings, and researcher collaboration optimization to provide researchers with product, equipment, and assay recommendations to save time and money

Cellnomica: software for modeling and simulation of multicellular systems such as tissue, organs, and organisms

CombiStats: computer program for statistical analysis of data from biological dilution assays or potency assays; can perform calculations according to: parallel line, slope ratio, probit, 4-parameter logistic curve, and more models

Cytoscape: open source software for visualizing molecular interaction networks and biological pathways and integrating these networks with annotations, gene expression profiles, and other attribution data

DART (Decision Analysis by Ranking Techniques): software tool for ranking chemicals according to their environmental and toxicological concern based on the most recent ranking theories; different kinds of order ranking methods are implemented, and can be used to rank chemicals on the basis of more than one variable

Decision Forest: novel pattern recognition method for analysis of microarray, SELDI-TOF MS, and SAR data

Decisioneering: risk analysis and data simulation software

DiscoveryQuant™ Software (Applied Biosystems): mass spectrometry software for early high-throughput ADME testing to improve speed and efficiency of drug candidate analyses

ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment (TRA) Tools: Workers Exposure Tool, Consumer Exposure Tool, and Environmental Exposure Tool available for free download for tiered approach to calculating exposure to and risks from chemicals

Endocrine Disruptor Knowledge Base: scientific resources including a biological activity database, (Q)SAR training sets, and computational models to predict estrogen and androgen activity

US EPA ECOSAR (Ecological Structure Activity Relationships): program to estimate the toxicity of industrial chemicals discharged into water to aquatic organisms such as fish, invertebrates, and algae; toxicity is predicted using Structure Activity Relationships

US EPA Exposure Assessment Tools & Models

Foodrisk.org: exposure, dose-response, statistical modeling and simulation tools, and more

Genedata AG: computational software solutions for biotech, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences; includes products for large-scale experimental research processes in molecular profiling, target discovery, integrative statistical analysis, as well as custom built

GlodSim: simulation software for decision and risk analysis

iSTREEM®: free online tool that predicts the concentrations of “down-the-drain” chemicals in the conterminous U.S. and southern Ontario surface waters and how this model may help you better understand possible environmental risk associated with use of these products.

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA): chemical pathway analysis software and database: build pathways, assess toxicity profiles, prioritize biomarkers, metabolite data analysis

JMP: statistical software

Leadscope, Inc.: combine and build databases; build prediction models

Lhasa Limited: non-profit company specializing in the development of expert computer systems for toxicity and metabolism prediction which include Derek for Windows, Meteor and Vitic

MultiCASE, Inc.: computer programs designed to assess the potential pharmacological activity, toxicity, and metabolic transformation of new chemicals

NCGC CurveFit: automated curve fitting and classification software

NIEHS: free software for genomics, biostatistics, molecular biology, and more

OECD QSAR Toolbox (Version 2.3): for grouping chemicals into classes; guide to Version 2.3 modifications

PBT Profiler: developed as a voluntary screening tool to identify Pollution Prevention (P2) opportunities for chemicals without experimental data; uses a subset of P2 Assessment Framework computer-based tools to help identify chemicals that potentially may persist, bioaccumulate, and be toxic to aquatic life

Perceptive Instruments, Ltd: image analysis and data processing software and instrumentation for research and testing including genetic toxicology (including Ames, MLA, and Comet Assay) and immunology assays

Premier Biosoft International: lifescience software for microarrays, PCR, primer design, and more; bioinformatics software development and assay design services

 REACHAcross™ software: automated computational QSAR using one of the largest chemical toxicology databases combined with read across; builds large networks of chemicals based on properties and uses advanced machine-learning techniques to assesses endpoint behavior for chemicals; provides Toxicology Assessment Reports for 8 key endpoints

Risk Assessment Information System: various risk assessment tools

SAS Institute, Inc.: data analysis software: statistical and simulation

Scorecomets: online resource for the comet assay by Perceptive Instruments Ltd; comet assay news, method, advice, and information; online interactive trouble shooting guide; download free 30-day trial of Comet Assay IV comet assay scoring system

Simcyp Population-based ADME Simulator: platform for modelling and simulation of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) in virtual populations from in vitro data [Consortium membership required] (free ADME tools)

Simulations Plus, Inc.: ADMET Predictor™ software; GastroPlus™ software for oral absorption and pharmacokinetic simulation

Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA): free software incorporates tools from environmental assessment fields, including integrated modules for visualization, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, human health risk assessment, ecological risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis, sampling design, and decision analysis

Stat4tox (Software for the Statistical Evaluation of In Vitro Assays): open-source software tool that provides statistical analysis for toxicological data, including dose-response data; can be used for analysis of in vitro concentration-response curves, including estimation of EC50 values and the interpretation of both the statistical significance and biological relevance of observed effects

Syracuse Research Corporation: Environmental Science Estimation Software – variety of programs available

 SyRF Systematic Review Tool: free and fully integrated online platform for performing systematic review and meta-analysis of preclinical animal studies; provides: educational resources and guidance, screening database, data repository, analysis applications

tebu-bio laboratories: CacoReady Software™ for analysis and management of data from in vitro studies for prediction of intestinal absorption; Noraymet ADMETM for management of in vitro ADME studies and use of in vitro ADME to predict human pharmacokinetic

Toxmatch: open-source software that encodes several chemical similarity indices to facilitate the grouping of chemicals into categories and read-across

ToxRTool (Toxicological data Reliability Assessment Tool): [under Publications link] software-based tool provided by ECVAM for evaluating quality of toxicological data

Toxtree: open-source software tool that places chemicals into categories and predicts toxicological effect by applying decision tree approaches (around 10 decision trees currently implemented)

VEGA (Virtual models for Evaluating the properties of chemicals within a Global Architecture): new and open-source platform for (Q)SAR and read across for REACH; includes models for phys-chem, environmental, ecotoxicological, and toxicological properties

VirtualToxLab™: in silico tool for predicting toxic potential of drugs and chemicals; simulates and quantifies chemical interactions with human protein via (Q)SAR; includes 12 validated models