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European Union: Programs & Policies

EU Government Overview

The European Union (EU) is a unique confederation of 27 countries under which member countries delegate some of their decision-making powers to EU institutions.

EU Departments (DGs) & Agencies

The European Commission (EC) is divided into a number of departments known as Directorate Generals (DGs), each responsible for managing and/or providing technical support to different EU regulatory sectors. The practical implementation of EU policy and legislation is increasingly being performed by certain EU Agencies.

EU Validation Center: EURL ECVAM

EURL ECVAM is “the EU’s principal organisation for the scientific validation of alternative methods to animal testing.”

EU 3Rs Centers & Initiatives

In addition to the efforts of EURL ECVAM, there are a number of independent academic, industry, government, and non-government organizations with 3Rs mandates that operate within the EU.

EU Legislation & Animal Welfare Oversight

The EU has had specific legislation, Directive 86/609/EEC, in place since 1986 “regarding the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes.”