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Lush Prize 2015 open for nominations

Author: Craig Redmond, Lush Prize Team

The Lush Prize 2015 is now open for nominations. This £250,000 (€300,000) annual prize fund rewards recent outstanding initiatives to end animal testing, particularly in the area of toxicology. It is divided into five prize categories: Science, Training, Young Researcher (under 35 years old), Lobbying and Public Awareness. £50,000 is available in each category (Young Scientists award is normally divided between four winners).

Science Prize: For work conducted on relevant toxicity pathways or producing an effective non-animal safety test based on an approach other than toxicity pathways, where none existed before. Previous winners include the Grafström laboratory’s (Karolinska Institute) Tox21-inspired approach for replacing toxicity testing in animals with informatics-driven data analysis of human cell cultures exposed to toxic agents.

Training Prize: For training others in non-animal research methods (broad criteria which includes commercial scientists and students at varying educational levels). Previous winners include XCellR8 for providing training in ethically sound and scientifically advanced human cell culture research technologies.

Young Researcher Prize: Open to young scientists (up to 35 years) with a desire to fund the next stage of a career focussed on an animal-test free future. This is the only Prize category to specifically fund future work rather than recognise recent achievements.

“The Lush Prize is the Nobel Prize for Alternative Methods development! The Prize is a great door opener for establishing partnerships that help realize 21st Century toxicology applications that save animals.” – Dr Pekka Kohonen (winner of Science Prize 2014 with Professor Roland Grafström,
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden).

Full details of all categories and eligibility criteria can be found at Nominations are submitted via the website and close on 24 July. For further information contact Craig at Lush Prize: