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ICE Update Launched July 30

On July 30, NICEATM released the latest version of the Integrated Chemical Environment (ICE). ICE is a publicly available, web-based resource that provides curated data and tools to facilitate safety assessment of chemicals. ICE now includes:

  • Updates to Tox21 data
  • Predictions of endocrine activity using in silico models
  • Improved performance and output standardization for the In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation tool
  • Simplified outputs for the Machine Learning tool
  • Revised and improved user instructions

The recent updates are among ICE features highlighted in a webinar presented July 31 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. The webinar, “The Integrated Chemical Environment: Tools and Data to Support Toxicity Assessments,” is hosted by the PETA International Science Consortium (PISC). The webinar will be recorded and made available on the PISC website after presentation.

Catherine Sprankle
Catherine Sprankle
Communications Specialist for NICEATM