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HeMiBio Project Symposium

Contributor: Stéphanie Rémola, HeMiBio Management Team

In January 2011 the European Commission and Cosmetics Europe jointly launched a European research initiative aiming at a common strategy towards the replacement of current repeated dose systemic toxicity testing in human safety assessment. The aim of HeMiBio as part of this initiative was to generate a liver-simulating device (Hepatic Microfluidic Bioreactor) mimicking the structure and function of the human liver.

In December 2015, the international symposium in Leuven will highlight the results obtained within the HeMiBio consortium, including the development of functional liver cells, stem cell reporter lines, bioreactor designs, sensors capable of evaluating hepatocyte function and the creation of an in vitro model hepatocyte-stellate cell co-culture preclinical model for assessment of liver fibrosis. Moreover, a share of international experts on hepatocytes, bioreactors and liver-on-a-chip will provide state-of-the-art lecture.”

For more information concerning the symposium (and to register) please go to www.hemibio.eu.