FDA Announces Creation of Botanical Safety Consortium

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FDA Announces Creation of Botanical Safety Consortium

In a February 11 press release, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced policies aimed at modernizing the oversight and regulation of dietary supplements. Steps FDA will take to implement these policies include:

  • Develop new ways to communicate to the public about unlawful and potentially dangerous supplement ingredients
  • Establish a regulatory framework that evaluates product safety while promoting innovation, chiefly through fostering the submission of New Dietary Ingredient notifications
  • Improve internal processes to support effective enforcement actions
  • Engage the public in discussions about how to modernize the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act
  • Collaborate with industry to support the development of new products, ingredients, and delivery systems while protecting public health and safety

To support the final step, the FDA has established the Botanical Safety Consortium, a public-private partnership of industry, academia, and government that will promote scientific advances in evaluating the safety of botanical ingredients and mixtures in dietary supplements. This group will look at novel ways to use cutting-edge toxicology tools, including alternatives to animal testing, to promote the goals of safety and effectiveness.

Catherine Sprankle
Catherine Sprankle
Communications Specialist for NICEATM