CRACK IT Announces 4 New Challenges; Partners Sought for Other Projects

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CRACK IT Announces 4 New Challenges; Partners Sought for Other Projects

Sherry Ward, AltTox

The 2016 CRACK IT Challenges competition consists of the following four Challenges:

Maximise: “To develop reliable predictions which confidently classify mixtures of chemicals for acute oral toxicity, skin and eye irritation with a focus on relevance for human safety. These should fulfill acute GHS Classification and Labeling requirements for non-encapsulated agrochemical mixtures using existing information on components and formulations without the need for additional in vivo, and ideally in vitro, studies.”

EASE: “The overall aim…is to generate an approach that improves the implantation rates of early stage embryos when combined with extended in vitro culture and non-surgical embryo transfer techniques.”

Retinal 3D: “The overall aim is to establish a 3D retinal cell model which is physiologically-competent and predictive of human physiology. The model should consist of all the major cell types of the retina and enable their interplay: Müller and microglia, RPE and neurons (including photoreceptors). The model needs to resemble key morphological and functional features which can easily be addressed with a panel of functional readouts.”

Osteo-Chip: “[To develop] an in vitro model to recapitulate the human osteoarthritic joint that will: a) Provide a device based on a human tissue or multiple human cell type co-culture system for research and drug development in OA; b) Recapitulate the human disease being able to model early and late stage disease if possible; and c) Be amenable to drug discovery and development studies and provide mechanistic insight into disease development (including pain development through biomarker detection). The device should be medium throughput and compatible with standard equipment and measurement platforms (e.g. microscopy, biochemical analysis, FACS, robotics).”

A networking event “intended to stimulate discussion between applicants and Sponsors” is being held September 8, 2016. The deadline for registration is September 1.

Additional Opportunities:

Cell-based VAMP reporter assay for tetanus vaccine development: funding available until November 23, 2016.

Stemina Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Developmental Toxicity Assays: seeking partners who offer complementary assays which could form part of a suite of assays with devTOX.

Comprehensive in vitro human immune response testing – COMPIT: seeking (bio)pharmaceutical partners able to provide access to a range of compounds to validate their model.

Comprehensive ex vivo platforms for experimental cancer medicine and drug development: seeking academic and/or pharmaceutical and biotechnology company partners to expand and validate the platform, and provide a larger panel of candidate drugs for testing.