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AltTox at SOT 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland

As in previous years, AltTox Editorial Board and Management Team members will be at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology (Baltimore, Maryland) to share research with thousands of other toxicologists.

AltTox Editorial Board and/or Management Team members are co-authors of the following posters (listed by abstract #/poster board #):

1209/333: Systematic Reviews as a Means of Assessing Test Method Performance: A Case Study of Zebrafish Embryotoxicity Assay (Martin Stephens and Catherine Willett)

1235/359: Towards Building an AOP-Based Prenatal Developmental Toxicity Ontology (George Daston)

1372/110: Gene Expression and Network Analysis of PTCH1 and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Markers in Cancer and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (Hajime Kojima)

1393/131: Using High-Throughput Literature Mining to Support Read-Across Predictions of Toxicity (Grace Patlewicz)

1868/444: Health Risk Assessment of Tobacco-Related Harm Reduction Products (Bas Blaauboer)

1984/654: Host Cell Protein Impurities, Aggregation, and Immunogenicity of Biotherapeutics (Ian Kimber)

2182/447: Replacing Animals for Acute Systemic Toxicity Testing: A US Strategy and Roadmap (Grace Patlewicz)

2746/114: Determination of Contact Sensitization Potential of Chemicals Using In Vitro Reconstructed Normal Human Epidermal Model Epiderm: Impact of the Modality of Application (Emanuela Corsini)

2753/121: Special Stain for Detection of Corneal Histopathological Changes in BCOP Assay (Hajime Kojima)

2801/169: Narcotic-Like Effects of Alcohol Ethoxylate Surfactants in a Larval Zebrafish Neurobehavioral Assay Are Influenced by Carbon Chain Length and Degree of Ethoxylation (George Daston)

2953/504: Understanding Chemical Allergen Potency: Strength of Dendritic Cells Activation (Emanuela Corsini)

2961/512: Dendritic Cells and Protein Allergens: Markers of Allergenicity (Ian Kimber)

3195/154: Use of Gene Expression Profiles and a Connectivity Mapping Approach to Gain an Insight on the Mode-of-Action of Multiple Chemicals in Four Cell Types (George Daston)

3441/413: Advancing the Development of Quality AOPs Submitted to OECD’s AOP Knowledge Base (AOP-KB) and the AOP-Wiki (Catherine Willett)

AltTox EB or MT members also authored or co-authored a number of presentations at the upcoming meeting (shown by abstract number):

1621: Quantifying Uncertainty in Read-Across Assessment: An Algorithmic Approach (Grace Patlewicz)

2304: Dosemetrics in In Vitro Repeated Dosing Toxicity Assays and Other Complex Assays (Bas Blaauboer)

3068: Complementing In Vitro Screening Assays with In Silico Molecular Chemistry Tools to Examine Potential In Vivo Metabolite-Mediated Effects (Grace Patlewicz)

3070: In Silico Predictions and In Vitro Experimental Results of Toxicity as Part of an Integrated Testing Strategy (Bas Blaauboer)

3071: Consideration of Biokinetics and Metabolism in Repeated Dosing In Vitro Toxicity Assays (Bas Blaauboer)

3077: Combining Cheminformatics and In Vitro/In Silico Models for Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Assessment (George Daston)

3108: Gaining Acceptance of Alternative Approaches for the Assessment of Serious Eye Damage/Eye Irritation (Joao Barroso)

And members are also chairing or co-chairing a number of sessions:

Workshop Session: Opportunities for Read-Across Development and Application Using QSAR Approaches (March 14, 9:30AM-12:15PM, CC Ballroom III) (Grace Patlewicz)

Continuing Education Course: Read-Across: Case Studies, New Techniques, and Guidelines for Practical Application (March 12, 1:15PM to 5:00PM (see Mobile Event App or CC Booth for location)
(Kristie Sullivan) – includes presentations by MT member Kristie Sullivan and EB member Grace Patlewicz