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AltTox Forums More User Friendly

Published: September 5, 2008
The AltTox Management Team is pleased to announce a number of user-friendly changes to our interactive forums – the bulletin boards/discussion platforms for stakeholders interested in non-animal methods for toxicity testing:

  • Two groups of forums have each been consolidated into a single forum, thereby streamlining 13 forums down to 2.  Specifically, we’ve combined the nine forums related to toxicity endpoints and tests and the four related to emerging technologies.  This leaves us with four forums overall: Toxicity Endpoints & Tests, Emerging Technologies, Programs & Policies, and Overarching Challenges & Opportunities.  In the future, we can easily re-establish some of the consolidated forums if we find that a specific type of toxicity testing or emerging technology is generating a disproportionate amount of forum traffic.
  • Icons that were hidden from forum viewers who were not logged in will now be visible to them, which will clarify how one goes about replying to a forum message (“reply”), starting a new message thread (“begin new topic”), etc. However, viewers who are not logged in but who try to reply to a message or to begin a new topic will be prompted to first log in.
  • We have clarified how participants interested in a particular forum can receive email notification of new topics begun in that forum (“Alerts”) or notification of new topics as well as replies to those topics (“All Alerts”).

We hope AltTox users find the new changes to be helpful.  We encourage AltTox users to take advantage of the fewer number of forums by monitoring all of the forums, rather than just specializing in one or two. Monitoring is now even easier with the use of the automatic alerts mentioned above.

For more information, please email