UK “roadmap” to wider use of non-animal technologies

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UK “roadmap” to wider use of non-animal technologies

Contributor: Marilyn Matevia, HSUS

Six organizations, including NC3Rs, have published a “roadmap” to facilitate the UK’s development and embrace of non-animal technologies, Advancing Predictive Biology.

In a recent blog post, NC3Rs Chief Executive Dr. Vicky Robinson provides context to the project:

The roadmap is part of a wider collaboration between the six partners which has already resulted in £10 million being invested in business-led R&D projects and the launch back in February of an online forum, the NATs [non-animal technologies] Special Interest Group, to connect researchers across sectors and disciplines in the development of NATs. The emergence of NATs as an area for further focus is closely linked to the work that the NC3Rs has led over the last five years, in particular through our CRACK IT platform. CRACK IT fosters collaborations between big business, academia and the SME sector in order to accelerate the uptake of 3Rs approaches and supports economic growth by improving business processes and developing marketable products.

The report authors make a number of recommendations, including:
+ foster multidisciplinary and cross-sector collaborations
+ engage regulators early in the development and use of NATs “to expedite a path to regulatory acceptance”
+ develop ways to bridge the gap between technology development, proof of concept, and commercialization
+ establish a strategic advisory board comprised of both academic and industrial members

Download the Roadmap here.

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