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September Issue of the ECHA Newsletter

Contributor: Sherry Ward, AltTox

The latest issue of the ECHA Newsletter  includes an article on the substitution of harmful chemicals with safer alternatives. “Looking at a different approach to substitution, ECHA Newsletter spoke with Dr Joel A. Tickner, Director and Associate Professor of Community Health and Sustainability from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, who has experience in helping US companies find safer and suitable alternatives to chemicals of concern.”

Another article  describes the release of new data on 11 commercially viable nanomaterials in June by the OECD. “The data available confirms that, in general, the existing test methods used for conventional substances are also applicable for nanomaterials…. Many of the test guidelines have been reviewed and updated. More effort is needed still on for example specific standards, methods and protocols to allow for a proper characterisation of nanomaterials [as] such methods are normally not in the battery of test guidelines….”

Additionally, a number of articles to assist companies with upcoming 2018 REACH registrations are also provided in this newsletter.