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All works/website content, other than Community Blog postings, published in are protected by copyright: ©The Humane Society of the United States and Procter & Gamble 2014. permits and encourages the republication of two specified types of AltTox website articles, provided that both of the following conditions are met within the republished work:

  • The reproduced work must be attributed to by including the link (URL) to the web page that contains the original work, and
  • The author of the original work (if one is named in the AltTox work) must be specified in the reproduced work.

The two types of AltTox website content that may be reproduced in any medium without permission from, provided the above two conditions are satisfied, are:

Copyright of New Perspectives essays published in is retained by the individual authors. These authors should be contacted directly to obtain permission for any reuse of their works.  When republishing New Perspectives essays elsewhere, authors should include the link (URL) to the web page that contains the original work.

Republication in any medium of any other works/website content from requires the prior written consent of the AltTox Management Team. Please send requests or inquiries to: