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Opportunities for federal engagement

Author: Jessica Sandler, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Here are three opportunities for federal engagement related to toxicology you may be interested in exploring:

1—USP recruiting expert committee members:

The United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) is recruiting candidates to serve on their expert committees and panels for the 2015—2020 cycle. Among other duties, these expert committees are in charge of revising USP’s official texts and assessing new methods that may merit inclusion in revised editions of the USP. As such, interested parties with expertise in nonanimal methods are strongly encouraged to participate. General information on the expertise sought for each committee is detailed at this link: http://www.usp.org/sites/default/files/usp_pdf/EN/2015-2020_ecschart.pdf

A full list of available positions—and their application forms—is available at this link: https://callforcandidates.usp.org/committees-panels?destination=committees-panels

Many application deadlines fall in 2015, but some—such as the Biocompatibility of Materials Used in Packaging Systems, Medical devices and Implants Expert Panel—will close next Friday, November 14.

2—FDA Updating Redbook:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or we) is announcing a public meeting to solicit comments on certain topics related to our guidance titled “Toxicological Principles for the Safety Assessment of Food Ingredients,” known less formally as the “Redbook.” The purpose of our public meeting is to invite public input into possibly expanding the scope of the Redbook to include chemical safety assessments for all products over which FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) has statutory authority including regulatory contexts such as food additives, food contact substances, dietary supplement ingredients, food contaminants, and cosmetics. The Redbook would describe toxicological principles which apply across regulatory categories while still providing specific guidance for applying these principles within each particular context. The safety of foods containing microbial contaminants will continue to remain outside of the scope of the Redbook.

Public Meeting: December 9, 2014
Deadline for registration: December 2, 2014
Deadline for oral comment request: November 21, 2014
Written comments accepted until: February 9, 2015


3—EPA FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel to be held December 2-5:

There will be a 4-day meeting of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act Scientific Advisory Panel (FIFRA SAP) to consider and review Integrated Endocrine Activity and Exposure-based Prioritization and Screening. The main topic of discussion is outlined in this paper:


Comments. The Agency is requesting that written comments be submitted by November 18, 2014, and that requests for oral comments be submitted by November 25, 2014. However, written comments and requests to make oral comments may be submitted until the date of the meeting, but anyone submitting written comments after November 18, 2014, should contact the Designated Federal Official (DFO) listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT.