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NICEATM and ICCVAM Activities at SOT

A new page on the NICEATM website summarizes NICEATM and ICCVAM activities at the upcoming meeting of the Society of Toxicology.

NICEATM and ICCVAM will be participating in two exhibitor-hosted sessions.

  • “Developing an Implementation Strategy for Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century” will be Monday, March 13, at 12 noon in CC Room 340. This session will present a plan and seek stakeholder input on development of a U.S. roadmap to new approaches for toxicity testing.
  • “ICCVAM Tools for Validation and Regulatory Application of Alternative Methods” will be Wednesday, March 15, at 1:30 in CC Room 337. Representatives from NICEATM, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Library of Medicine will present overview of online resources that support development and use of alternative methods.

In other SOT activities, ICCVAM representatives will serve as co-chairs for five platform sessions, NICEATM scientists are co-authors on 10 poster or platform presentations, and ICCVAM members are co-authors on 18 presentations.

Catherine Sprankle
Catherine Sprankle
Communications Specialist for NICEATM

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