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Introduction & Author Guidelines
Last Updated: December 1, 2014

The New Perspectives (NP) essays are a series of invited expert commentaries exclusively available on the AltTox website.

The New Perspectives invited expert commentaries are written by scientific and/or policy experts. The authors, whose brief biographical sketches follow their essays, were all asked to express their views on how best to accelerate progress on developing, validating, and/or gaining regulatory acceptance of non-animal methods in the topics under consideration.

The New Perspectives commentaries may address specific fields of toxicity testing, types of non-animal methodologies applied to toxicity testing, stakeholder policies and programs, or more broadly focus on overarching challenges and opportunities. The authors were under no obligation to address all aspects of a topic; indeed, many chose to address a few salient aspects of the subject matter. Their views do not necessarily reflect those of the AltTox Management Team.

Readers are invited to discuss NP articles in the AltTox Forum.

Readers interested in authoring a New Perspectives commentary, or in nominating a colleague, should contact the Management Team at

Author Guidelines for New Perspectives.

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