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Toxicity Endpoints & Tests

This section describes the major types of toxicity tests conducted as part of the hazard assessment that may be required by regulatory agencies/authorities for chemicals, drugs, pesticides, household products, and/or other substances.

Each Toxicity Endpoints & Tests section on AltTox describes the intended purpose of testing for that toxicity endpoint, animal tests used, regulatory requirements, non-animal alternative methods and their validation status, and emerging technologies that may lead to the replacement of the animal test methods. Links are provided for most endpoints to relevant New Perspectives essays, which are expert opinions on approaches for facilitating progress in developing, validating, and using non-animal methods for that toxicity endpoint.

The Toxicity Endpoints & Tests sections are provided to AltTox users as short overviews of the field. Comments on these fields – challenges to progress, overlooked opportunities, new approaches, etc. – are welcome in The AltTox Community Blog.