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Korea: 3Rs Centers & Other Organizations

Last updated: June 10, 2013

Korean Society for Alternative to Animal Experiments (KSAAE)

KSAAE is a scientific society for members interested in the 3Rs.

Biological Research Information Center (BRIC)

BRIC was established in Korea in 1996, and “is engaged in an effort to comprehensively and systematically gather, process, and organize bio-related information from Korea and abroad, put it into database form, and provide this data to researchers by creating a place for the exchange of information on the Internet.”  “The center also has contributed greatly to the bioinformatics research field of Korea…and is one of the leaders in biological research area in Korea.”

BRIC is one of the founding members of the online, open-access journal, Interdisciplinary Bio Central (IBC), which “aims to provide an interdisciplinary medium for open, interactive, and rapid communication and for archiving the scientific and technological achievements in the area of interdisciplinary bioscience and bioengineering.”

Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF)

The goal of KOSEF is to contribute to the advancement of science and technology in Korea by cultivating research capability, promoting science education, and furthering international cooperation.

Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR)

KTR is “an internationally accredited testing and certification technology consulting institute for e bio-industry in areas such as chemistry, the environment, agrichemicals, new medicine, and others.”