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Job openings at Silent Spring Institute

Contributor: Kate Willett, HSUS

The Silent Spring Institute is looking for research scientists in data science and informatics, chemistry/biochemistry and biomonitoring, and molecular biology or endocrinology.

The Institute is seeking candidates for three position postings:

  • a versatile data scientist, machine learning expert, or statistician to tackle big data problems in environmental health and breast cancer prevention.
  • a versatile, creative chemist, chemical engineer, or biochemist to develop and apply innovative methods for analysis of exposure to environmental exposures, including human biomonitoring.
  • a versatile, creative individual with expertise in molecular biology and endocrinology to study the effects of environmental chemicals on mammary development and the etiology of breast cancer.

The positions can be structured as post-doctoral fellowships or permanent positions.

More details are on the Silent Spring Institute web site: