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ICCVAM Public Forum: Registration Deadline, Agenda Available

Author: Catherine Sprankle, ILS/Contractor supporting NICEATM

An agenda for the upcoming ICCVAM Public Forum is now available on the NTP website.
A link to registration forms and other information about the Public Forum are also available on this page. Registration closes today, May 22, for in-person attendance at the Public Forum. Registration to view the webcast of the Public Forum will be available until the meeting ends.

The Public Forum will take place on May 27 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EDT at the National Institutes of Health Natcher Conference Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Representatives of the federal agencies on ICCVAM will be present to hear ideas and suggestions from interested stakeholders and the public.

The meeting will begin with presentations by NICEATM and ICCVAM members on current activities related to the development and validation of test methods and approaches that may replace, reduce, or refine animal use. Presenters will also discuss recently revised ICCVAM operating procedures. Following each presentation, time will be set aside for attendees to ask questions.

The agenda includes time for attendees to make public oral statements to inform ICCVAM on topics relevant to its mission and current activities. Attendees are asked to consider the following questions in their statements:

  1. Do you have any suggestions regarding how best to track progress towards replacement, reduction, and refinement of animal use in safety testing?
  2. Are there specific activities or areas where you would like to see ICCVAM place more focus?

If you cannot attend in person, you may view the meeting remotely via webcast. While participants viewing the webcast will be able to submit questions via email following each speaker’s presentation, those wishing to make a public statement are encouraged to attend in person to enable face-to-face dialog with ICCVAM members. Register to attend in person

If you plan to view the webcast and would like to submit a statement on a topic relevant to ICCVAM’s mission and current activities, instructions on how to do so are available on the webcast registration form. Register to view the webcast

Catherine Sprankle
Catherine Sprankle
Communications Specialist for NICEATM