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If you are aware of a meeting relevant to in vitro & in silico toxicology that is not listed here, please notify us at

Sixth Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology
September 21-22, 2017
College Park, Maryland

EPAA 2017 Refinement Prize
Deadline for submissions: September 22, 2017

8th Annual Wyss International Symposium: Therapeutic Organ Engineering
September 22, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts

Enhancing Predictivity in Medicines Development
September 24-26, 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

Webinar: 3-Dimensional Assays: What Must Be Done for Setting Up and Validating for Downstream Microplate Reader and Imaging Applications
September 26, 2017, 11:00 a.m. EDT

EU4FACTS: Evidence for policy in a post-fact world
September 26, 2017
Brussels, Belgium

Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting
September 24-27, 2017
Berlin, Germany

Inhaled Particles Conference, IPXII
September 25-27, 2017
Glasgow, Scotland

5th Biocides Stakeholders’ Day
September 26-27, 2017
Helsinki, Finland

Safety Pharmacology Society 15th Annual Meeting
September 28-October 1, 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

The 10th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring
October 1-4, 2017
Naples, Italy

Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop
October 1-4, 2017
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Leveraging Quantitative Methods and Modeling to Modernize Generic Drug Development and Review (FDA Public Workshop)
October 2-3, 2017
Silver Spring, Maryland

OpenTox Euro 2017
October 4-6, 2017
Basel, Switzerland

CAAT Academy: In Silico Tools in Chemical’s Hazard Assessments
October 5-6, 2017
Brussels, Belgium

Demonstrating Equivalence of Generic Complex Drug Substances and Formulations: Advances in Characterization and In Vitro Testing  (FDA Public Workshop)
October 6, 2017
Silver Spring, Maryland

ACI Webinar: Aquatic environmental exposure assessment for formulated consumer products using iSTREEM®
October 12, 2017, 2:00 p.m. EDT

CAAT Academy: Skin Sensitization
October 12-13, 2017
Ludwigshafen, Germany

ISES Annual Meeting, Integrating Exposure Science Across Diverse Communities
October 15-19, 2017
Durham, North Carolina

Danish 3R-Center funding for 3Rs research projects in Denmark
Application deadline: October 16

Improving Reproducibility of Research Through Digital Tools, Technologies and Laboratory Automation
October 16, 2017
San Francisco, California

Swetox Replacement Workshop
October 17, 2017
Hasselbacken, Stockholm

Health Canada and FDA Joint Public Consultation on International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH)
October 19, 2017
Ottawa, Canada

Overcoming Barriers to Product Development, Regulatory Approval and Commercialization of Affordable, High Quality, Generic Topical Dermatological Drug Products (FDA Public Workshop)
October 20, 2017
Silver Spring, Maryland

NIH / NCATS Assay Guidance Workshop for High-Throughput Screening and Lead Discovery
October 23, 2017
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

EPA FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel on Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Modeling
October 24-27, 2017 (Webcast available; Submit written comments on or before September 11)
Arlington, Virginia

BelTox Advanced Toxicology Course 2017: Embryo-fetal Development Toxicity Testing
October 25, 2017
Brussels, Belgium

EFSA/EBTC Scientific Colloquium on Evidence Integration in Risk Assessment: The Science of Combining Apples and Oranges
October 25-26, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal

Cosmetics Europe Science Conference
October 26-27, 2017
Brussels, Belgium

CAAT Academy: Kidney Toxicity Testing – Season 2
October 30-31, 2017
Vienna, Austria

AWIC Workshop, Meeting the Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act
November 1-2, 2017
Beltsville, Maryland

Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society 46th Annual Meeting
November 6-7, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

Danish 3R Symposium 2017
November 7-8, 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark

7th International Workshop on Genotoxicity Testing
November 8-10, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

Single Cell Analyses
November 8-11, 2017
Cold Spring Harbor, New York

ICH Assembly Meeting
November 11-16, 2017
Geneva, Switzerland

12th International Conference and 5th Asian Congress on Environmental Mutagens (ICEM-ACEM 2017) with the 33rd Annual Meeting of KSOT/KEMS (Korean Environmental Mutagen Society)
November 12-16, 2017
Seoul, Korea

SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting
November 12-16, 2017
Minneapolis, Minnesota

International Congress on Environmental Mutagens
November 12-16, 2017
Incheon, Korea

19th Annual Cefic-LRI Workshop
November 15-16, 2017
Brussels, Belgium

CAAT Academy: In Vitro Lung Models
November 16-17, 2017
Geneva, Switzerland

CAAT Academy: Current Applications of Organs-on-a-Chip for the Pharmaceutical Industry
November 16-17, 2017
Leiden, The Netherlands

OpenTox Euro 2017
November 22-23, 2017
Basel, Switzerland

In Vitro Toxicology Society (IVTS) Annual Meeting
November, 23-24, 2017
London, UK

30th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments
November 23-25, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

Congrès Annuel de la Société Française de Toxicologie
November 23-24, 2017
Paris, France

EPA FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel on Continuing Development of Alternative High-Throughput Screens to Determine Endocrine Disruption, Focusing on Androgen Receptor, Steroidogenesis, and Thyroid Pathways
November 28-30, 2017 (Webcast available; Submit written comments on or before September 28)
Arlington, Virginia

Society of Toxicology of Canada 49th Annual Symposium, Winter 2017
November 29-December 1, 2017
Montréal, Quebec, Canada

CAAT Next Generation Humane Science Award
Deadline for Applications: November 30, 2017

December 2-6, 2017
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Development and 3-D Modeling of the Human Brain
December 6 – 9, 2017
Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Chemical Footprint Project Workshop 2017
December 7, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts

NTP Board of Scientific Counselors Meetings
December 7-8, 2017
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

SRA 2017 Annual Meeting
December 10-14, 2017
Arlington, Virginia

In Vitro Toxicology Society (IVTS) Research Mini-Fellowships
Application deadline: December 22, 2017

IIVS Practical Methods in In Vitro Toxicology Workshop
January 16-19, 2018
Gaithersburg, Maryland

16th ImmunoTX Summit
January 30-31, 2018
San Diego, California

SLAS Annual Meeting: Where Discovery Meets Technology
February 3-7, 2018
San Diego, California

10th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries and 12th Serbian Congress of Toxicology
April 18–21, 2018
Belgrade, Serbia

20th International Congress on In Vitro Toxicology 2018
October 15-18, 2018
Berlin, Germany

15th International Congress of Toxicology (ICTXV)
Co-hosted with the Society of Toxicology
July 15-18, 2019
Honolulu, Hawaii

Eleventh World Congress (WC11) on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (Chaired by Prof dr. Jos C.S. Kleinjans)
August 23-27, 2020
Maastricht, The Netherlands