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Advertising on AltTox

Why advertise on AltTox?

  • The AltTox community is highly interested in your products and services
  • Your ad will be seen by thousands of AltTox users every month
  • Unlike in more general scientific publications, your ad will directly reach YOUR targeted audience on AltTox
  • AltTox provides several affordable advertising options for your promotional needs
  • Website design has been optimized to include mobile platforms



AltTox offers this special WIN-WIN advertising opportunity.

A Sponsored Spotlight article simultaneously provides valuable information to AltTox users while providing you with an affordable and useful promotion of your product or service.

Sponsored Spotlights will be featured/accessed on the Homepage. New articles will also be announced in the AltTox Community Blog and the e-newsletter.

The article can be composed by your own scientific and/or marketing professionals to highlight the merits, performance, and/or scientific basis of a product or service offered by your company.


AltTox is also offering traditional website ad opportunities.

Banner ad options include:

  • Top of Homepage banner ad
  • Box style ad in the right hand column of Homepage
  • Left side-bar ad on interior pages

The AltTox Resource Center provides hundreds of listings of organizations, websites, companies, funding sources, and so on, which are relevant in some manner to non-animal methods for toxicity testing. These concise, alphabetical listings are provided at no cost.

As a new feature, we are now offering more prominent, customized listings to make your company/product/service STAND OUT from the crowd.

A limited number will be offered per Resource Center page.

These ads will be the most cost effective form of advertising on AltTox, while still providing substantial recognition of your product or service. The Resource Center sections are some of the most highly visited pages on AltTox.


AltTox is interested in hearing about your special advertising needs.


Advertisements must be for products or services that are in line with the mission of AltTox to provide the latest resources for non-animal methods.

All ads are subject to review by the Management Team. AltTox reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements based on this policy.

For pricing, or for other information about advertising on AltTox, please contact Marilyn at

Advertising rates and policies are subject to change without notice.