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About AltTox

Get Involved is a website and interactive platform designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information in support of the development, validation, and acceptance of non-animal methods for toxicity testing. There are various ways you can participate actively in the community:

Browse – Browse the content, including feature articles, Community Blog (formerly “The AltTox Forum”) postings, and events, and sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates on new content

Write – Contribute to the website content and Forum postings

Promote – Tell your colleagues and students about AltTox

Donate – Financially support AltTox or one of its activities

Advertise – “Advertise” your product, service, meeting, grant program, etc.

Feedback – Complete our brief survey to assist us in meeting the needs of AltTox users


AltTox provides informational content and an interactive forum for the user seeking information on non-animal methods of toxicity testing:

The types of informational content located in the Methods, Approaches, Programs & Policies (MAPP) section include:

In the Spotlight are feature stories highlighting news and information pertinent to the field of non-animal toxicity testing, which can be accessed from the Homepage.

Community Blog postings moderated by a panel of international experts provide both a community bulletin board and discussion platform on topics of interest for various types of toxicity testing, technologies, policy issues, as well as challenges to and opportunities for progress.

A monthly e-newsletter, available by free subscription, keeps users apprised of all content updates to AltTox.


The advantage of any online community dedicated to specific goals is that individual members can pool their knowledge and communicate rapidly with one another. AltTox is seeking to leverage our participants’ knowledge to advance non-animal methods of toxicity testing. That depends critically upon stakeholder participation.

There are many opportunities for participation in AltTox, including contributing to the website content and forum postings.

Possible ways to contribute to AltTox content include:

  • Volunteer to write an In the Spotlight article (two new ones are featured on the Home Page per month) by summarizing a meeting you have attended, or other relevant news
  • Nominate yourself or a colleague to be invited to submit a New Perspectives article. These are invited opinion articles by experts focused on recommendations for advancing a particular type of toxicity testing or technology or policy issue
  • Submit relevant meetings and in vitro grant program deadlines for posting in Meetings & Events
  • Submit relevant links on journals, funding sources, training programs, company services or products, etc., such as those listed in the Informational Resources sections

Possible ways to contribute to The AltTox Community Blog:

  • Post a message! The blog replaces the AltTox Forum as a community bulletin board and discussion platform, moderated by a panel of international experts.
  • Contact colleagues and suggest that they participate in a discussion thread when you see a topic of potential interest to them
  • Submit suggestions for topics, moderators, and other comments

Contact us at to contribute material, nominations, recommendation, or otherwise participate.


The target audience for AltTox encompasses stakeholders in industry, government, academia, and non-governmental organizations interested in advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing. We contend that AltTox’s value to these stakeholders will increase as more of these professionals contribute to and participate in the website. The more participants, the broader the expertise and points of view that are covered, and the greater the information and value created for all. To help us meet these aims, please tell your colleagues and students about AltTox, and encourage them to participate.

Perhaps the easiest way to convey the message is by forwarding the monthly AltTox e-newsletter to colleagues!