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About AltTox

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AltTox.org is a website dedicated to advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing, both to better protect the health of humans, animals, and the environment and to reduce the numbers and suffering of animals used in current toxicology assessments. The website is designed to encourage the exchange of technical and policy information on in vitro and in silico methods for all types of toxicity tests. The target audience includes stakeholders in industry, government, academia, and nongovernmental organizations.

AltTox consists of three interconnected components:

  • An informational section on toxicity testing – Methods, Approaches, Programs & Policies (MAPP) (previously Toxicity Testing Resource Center [TTRC])
  • Invited commentaries – New Perspectives (previously The Way Forward)
  • Online message/discussion board – The AltTox Community Blog

The AltTox Community Blog is a message board for the AltTox community to use for posting news, information, and perspectives as well as encouraging feedback and commentary. This online community is intended to foster progress internationally in the development, validation, and acceptance of in vitro/in silico methods, with the goal of decreasing our reliance on animal-based safety testing. The Community Blog is moderated by a group of internationally-recognized subject matter experts.

The website’s informational section, the MAPP (previously “TTRC”), provides a comprehensive source of information on non-animal methods of toxicity testing not easily found anywhere else on the Web. It features concisely summarized information for anyone interested in toxicity testing and alternative (non-animal) test methods. Content provided in the MAPP is reviewed by a group of internationally-recognized subject matter experts.

New Perspectives, which are posted in the MAPP section, are invited commentaries written by experts in each relevant subfield. These essays are meant to help chart the course for future developments by advancing opportunities to overcome challenges and barriers to progress. Stakeholders are invited to comment on these essays on the AltTox Community Blog.

The development of AltTox has been described in the following publication:

Stephens, M.L. & Ward, S.L. (2010). AltTox.org: Connecting Stakeholders on Issues Concerning Non-Animal Methods of Toxicity Testing. ALTEX. 27, 137-140. Available here.

AltTox users are encouraged to contribute to the website and interact with other users in several ways, including:

  • Participating in the discussion blog
  • Providing invited expert commentaries and suggesting experts to invite
  • Submitting content, events, and monthly features
  • Providing feedback through the Website Feedback survey

Also, sign up for the monthly newsletter, AltTox Digest, to be alerted to new website content. Future opportunities for participation may include online workshops and virtual meetings. Read more about how you can Get Involved with AltTox!

The development of AltTox was supported through a collaboration of the Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Other current sponsors of AltTox are listed in the right column on this page. Click here to learn more about the AltTox Team.