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Timely reports on recent meetings and emerging technologies

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Photo courtesy of NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

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In vitro & In silico methods in the news

Highlighting selected new articles on in vitro and in silico methods.

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Methods, Approaches, Programs & Policies (MAPP)

Toxicity testing center

Up-to-date information on in vitro and in silico approaches to toxicity testing, including technologies, regulatory policy, and international developments.

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Attribution: “Mesri et al, 2013 (PLOSOne)”

Meetings & Events

Upcoming conferences and workshops

A comprehensive calendar of conferences, workshops, webinars and other relevant events

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Attribution: “W. Mundy, 2014″

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Product and Service Promotions

Sponsored articles that highlight commercially-available non-animal methods and services

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A new article launching a new AltTox feature – Sponsored Spotlights

Sponsored Spotlights are promotional articles that highlight commercially-available non-animal products and services. Our first comes from Hepregen: “Micropatterned Hepatocyte Co-Culture Platform (HepatoPac®) – an in vitro liver model.”

The AltTox Forum is now the AltTox Community Blog

As part of the AltTox website redesign, the AltTox Forum has moved and evolved into the AltTox Community Blog. Instructions for posting or subscribing to the blog are available here.

Your contributions to the blog make it a premier source of event notices, requests for comments, grant sources and deadlines, job listings, and other information of value to the AltTox Community.

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