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Invited expert commentaries

Expert commentaries on technical and policy developments

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Reports on recent meetings and news

Timely reports on recent meetings and emerging technologies

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Photo courtesy of NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

AltTox Community Blog

A forum for the AltTox Community

Discuss key issues and developments in the field; share meeting or publication announcements.

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Attribution: “By Matt Howard, via Wikimedia Commons

Meetings & Events

Upcoming conferences and workshops

A comprehensive calendar of conferences, workshops, webinars and other relevant events

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Attribution: “W. Mundy, 2014”

Methods, Approaches, Programs & Policies (MAPP)

Toxicity testing center

Up-to-date information on in vitro and in silico approaches to toxicity testing, including technologies, regulatory policy, and international developments.

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Attribution: “Mesri et al, 2013 (PLOSOne)”

Journal Watch

In vitro & In silico methods in the news

Highlighting selected new articles on in vitro and in silico methods.

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AltTox Community Blog

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Welcome to the new AltTox!

We’re excited to unveil the redesigned

The Management Team has been working closely with our terrific designers at Zen Den to reorganize and redisplay the wealth of material on the site, making it easier to find, read, and share.

Here is a brief orientation to new and familiar features on the site:

  • We’ve updated the Toxicity Testing Overview, currently the most-used page on the website.
  • The Toxicity Testing Resource Center (“TTRC”) is now called “Methods, Approaches, Programs and Policies” (MAPP), to better reflect the information it contains.
  • The invited commentary series formerly known as “The Way Forward” is now called “New Perspectives.”
  • The AltTox Forum is being replaced by the AltTox Community Blog.  We’ll explain the change in the first blog post.  It remains a community forum!
  • We’ve added a feature, “Journal Watch,” to highlight recently published articles on in vitro and in silico technologies and studies.
A few other details…

In the left sidebar of many pages, you’ll see a drop-down menu with “category” options.  That menu will get more useful to you as we go through the site and tag more articles with category labels.  Right now, the menu will bring you a selection of “New Perspectives” feature essays.

We have been working hard to update the resources in the Methods, Approaches, Programs & Policies section (MAPP – previously the Toxicity Testing Resource Center), and we have even begun (finally!) hyperlinking references within the text.  You will still run into some older pages with a long reference list at the end, but rest assured we’re quickly catching those up.

Your existing bookmarks should work just fine, but please send an email to if you find any missing pages.

The Management Team welcomes your feedback on the new site and new features.  Email:

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